Everyone, Creatively.

Even if you are not famous, even if you are  not belongs to big organization

No matter how old you are or where you were born, or  even if you have a little handicap, creative is they are equally equal. ( fair, everyone can anticipate creative)

Creative work can move people’s hearts.

Innovative ideas open up business possibilities.

Unleashed from all preconceived ideas and common sense, freely, openly and creatively.

We strive to have a future where everyone does this normally.

⸻ Vision

We promise to be a true local partner for our global clients by providing high-quality creative and localization services that uphold the quality of their brand in a way that deeply connects with the market.

Rival Schools will be the engine for global brands to grow significantly in the Japanese market.

Protecting brand-specific equity while leveraging Japan-specific local insights to optimize creative

By offering, we are a local partner that enables consistent branding.

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