Our Vision

Whether you’re a household name or the biggest company in town, it doesn’t matter how old you are or where you came from – when it comes to creativity, everyone’s invited.

Passionately created work can inspire.
Creativity has the power to unlock limitless possibilities.

We strive to go beyond the everyday and discover new ways to tap into untethered creativity.

We believe when all is said and done, all that’s left is a humanity’s access to this gift of creativity.

Everyone, creatively.

⸻ Vision

Rival Schools aims to be the engine that enables global brands to achieve greater growth in the Japanese market.

We are a local partner that enables consistent branding by providing optimized creative output that leverages local insights specific to Japan while preserving the brand's unique equity.



Becoming the best team ever doesn’t happen overnight. It a lot takes dedication, cooperation, and a strong belief in one another. Even though we are in different places playing different roles, we are stronger when moving as a team.


You do it because you have the passion. Because of that passion, you are adept. The reality of it is there is nothing else you would rather be doing. We believe that burning desire to do what you love is the catalyst that propels you to higher and higher levels of expertise!


You re-conceptualize issues to discover more practical solutions to hard problems. You challenge the status quo and always look for better approaches. You’re bringing new ideas to the table and trying to keep things nimble. You’re always looking for ways to innovate.


It doesn’t matter what your age, ethnicity, gender, or experience. We all have something to teach and something to learn from each other. With humility in our hearts and sincerity with our words, we desire to create an environment where we continuously inspire and improve each other.


There is a lot of freedom and autonomy at Rival Schools. That includes employees, freelancers, and managers. It’s up to you how to approach the problems – there is more than one way to do things! Remember, results are what matters.