brand localization &creative studio

Quality creative and localization services that uphold the quality of their brand in a way that deeply connects with the Japanese market.

⸻ Services

Brand Localization is serviced through 2 pillars of core capabilities: Brand Guardianship and Creative Services.

Brand Guardianship

Finding a balance between taking creative risks and easy-to-digest communication is imperative to reaching the Japanese marketing audience. Brand Guardianship's refined eyes can help you manage consistency across all channels so you can maintain your brand while still resonating with the audience.

  • Brand strategy
  • Creative onboarding
  • Market insights
  • Guideline Localization
  • Brand policy development
  • Template development
  • Creative direction
  • Design audits
  • Workshops

Creative Services

Navigating the creative space in Japan can be challenging. Working with the right creative partner is key to building projects that will be appropriate, intentional and memorable while applying brand localization principles.

  • Creative planning
  • Campaign assets
  • Display & social ads
  • Motion design
  • Merch
  • OOH (digital + analog)
  • Video editing
  • Illustration
  • Package design
  • Web