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Working late again in an advertising industrythat doesn’t value your English skills?

If you’re exhausted from an old-school work environment
where client dictates limit your contributions,
and you’re told to just do ‘what works’,
you’re not alone.

Maybe it’s time to make a leap.
Read on!

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Why Us, Why Now?

Hey there, it’s Roy, the captain of this maverick ship we call Rival Schools. Ever felt boxed in by hierarchies and yes-man culture? We’ve been setting free the pent-up creativity in the advertising world for 20 years and counting. We’re not your run-of-the-mill creative studio. We’re a playground for people who love to exercise their imagination. 🌈

What’s the Gig?

We’re not looking for a “salesperson.” We’re scouting for a Brand Maestro—an Account Executive with a knack for orchestrating symphonies of ideas. With us, you’re not meeting sales quotas; you’re empowering brands to defy norms. Your day-to-day will be anything but mundane—strategizing, innovating, and collaborating with a crew of artists, digital pixel crafters, word wizards, and brand builders.

The Nitty-Gritty

More than 5 years in advertising Experience with international agencies is a feather in your cap At least 3 years dealing with the digital nitty-gritty Brand strategizing and rebranding experience? Major kudos! English proficiency, just enough to order a coffee, or a cocktail 🍸

Work-Life Harmony

Location: The heart of Tokyo, with remote possibilities Flexi-hours to vibe with our clients’ needs Yes, weekends are YOURS Continued education: Workshops and so much more (BBQs included 🍖) Birthdays? Those are holidays, on us! 🎂

Why Should You Apply?

Because you’ll be reporting to me, Roy, a guy who believes that creativity should be inclusive and fun. Because we believe the best business models aren’t just about revenue; they’re about enriching lives and leaving an imprint on the world. We don’t just sign contracts; we build relationships. 💕

Ready to step into a role where your impact stretches beyond a spreadsheet? Click that ‘Apply’ button. 🚀


Ready to redefine what an Account Executive can be? We can’t wait to meet you.


  • Role: Account Executive (not a typical “salesperson”)
  • Work closely with the creative team to amplify client brands
  • No sales quotas or pressure
  • Lead in digital advertising, planning, and brand strategy
  • Oversee creative projects and operations
  • Liaise directly with both existing and potential clients


  • 5+ years of experience in advertising
  • Experience with foreign agencies is a plus
  • 3+ years in digital marketing and advertising
  • Prior experience in brand strategizing and rebranding is desirable
  • Business-level English proficiency
  • Business-level Japanese proficiency

work-life & benefits

  • Location: Tokyo, with remote work flexibility
  • Work Hours: 10:00 – 19:00, flexible based on client needs
  • Continued Education: Regular creative workshops
  • Special Events: BBQs and more
  • Culture Support: Subsidized participation in seminars and workshops
  • Birthday Holiday: Plus, a personalized lunch and wishes from the team
Let’s make waves. 🌊

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