By making technology more meaningful, efficient and fun, we help companies innovate the key design challenges of their business – from the processes they use to optimize development pipelines, to the user experience they provide to their customers, to the products and services they launch into the sophisticated Japanese market.

We are Rival Schools Japan

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UX Design

We believe the best design should feel effortless and immediately intuitive. Gorgeous but useful - and emulating natural human behavior.

We blend typography, color, and anything that bleeds on the cutting edge to keep us looking like magicians to our clients, when it really just comes down to hard work, and our relentless addiction for what’s now, and what’s next.

Design Sprints

We specialize in design sprints - the same process that Google, Uber and other shiny unicorns use to answer critical business questions and validate their products.

In-depth, in-person and invaluable. Through this approach of discovery, defining and designing, we help you imagine what the future of your product or service could be, and together, we map a course to get there.

UX Localization

Japan is a seriously sophisticated market, and products don’t always translate directly. We’ve helped some of the biggest brand localize here - and win.

We put in the time to understand your target users, and unravel their wants and needs. We create the perfect form of the product that matches the nuances of your customers - and translate these insights into the bedrock for relevant and engaging creative.

Brands We Love

We’ve worked with companies of all sizes. From early-stage startups to some of the largest enterprise businesses in the world - on projects across devices, industries, and continents.