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UX Design Studio / Rival Schools Japan
UX Design, UX Tokyo, UX, startup
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By making technology more meaningful, efficient and fun, we help companies innovate the key design problems of their business – from the tools they use to optimize development pipelines, to the user experience they provide to their customers, to the products & services they launch to market.

UX Consulting

Thinking about working with a UX studio? Welcome! Maybe you've heard of things like user experience, design thinking, usability and a multitude of other terms for creating a customer-centric approach to design. We can help!

UI Design

We help prototype and design your vision through our experience and strategy work to simplify complexity and focus in on all the right solutions. Our strong branding background allows us to design not only with usability in mind, but to ensure a lasting impression with your users.

Brand & Content

We transform research and observations into ideas, and work with you on shaping those ideas into action items for production. This is at the core of Rival Schools' holistic experience strategy.